A&E: Jessica Jones and Danielewski’s The Familiar

This is what I read, watched, and played in April and May.

Books: Night Film by Marisha Pessl and The Familiar: Into the Forest by Mark Z. Danielewski

TV Shows: Daredevil and Jessica Jones

I have been reading and watching a lot of detective fiction lately: The Wolf Among Us, The Big Sleep, and Ozgur in The Familiar. I’ve realized I love the accessories and conventions of these stories.

The great novelist Raymond Chandler said, “The ideal mystery was one you would read if the end was missing.”

Video GamesHalf-Life 2 by Valve

The 10+ year-old game is great. I finished it for the first time last month, and Half-Life 2 certainly deserves its stellar reputation. The gameplay and story hold up really well compared to modern games.

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  1. How did you like Daredevil and Jessica Jones? Were you a comics fan already?
    (I’ve seen both, so spoilers are fine!)

    • I’ve really enjoyed both so far! I’m a comics fan, and I have read Daredevil stuff before but never Brian Michael Bendis’ Alias. I watched Daredevil S1, and I’m almost done with Jessica Jones. Have you watched Daredevil S2?

      • Good 🙂 I have seen Daredevil S2 — they deepen the plot a lot and introduce several new characters. My husband has read the comics more and really enjoyed it.


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