Runner: a serial narrative – Part I

I’ve been working on a new project called “Runner” for about 2 months. The story is about entering adulthood. It’s an adventure and also a love story.

I’ll be posting more episodes in the future.

Read the post, or you can download a PDF from the link below. Enjoy!

Runner – Part 1



I’m going to tell you a story.

In ancient times, the Athenians fought the invading Persians at the town of Marathon. The Athenians sent a courier named Phidippides to ask Sparta for reinforcements. He ran 150 miles to Sparta and back. Together, the Greeks defeated the larger Persian army and, according to legend, sent Phidippides back to Athens to announce the victory. He ran another 40 miles. Phidippides reached the city, cried “We have won!” then collapsed and died.

The story of Phidippides might not be true. To me, it’s a parable: this is how you should live. Most of our generation seems content to live vicariously, experiencing events through a liquid crystal monitor. We’re digital natives. Most of us have forgotten how to die for a cause. We are losing something …

Part I

I shot the basketball from beyond the 3-point line, and the ball dropped through the rim and jerked the net. I felt the gaze of the coaches.

“Okay boys, let’s wrap it up!” a coach yelled.

I followed the rest of the young men over to the cluster of coaches.

The assistant coach addressed us: “First off, thanks for coming out, I know you’re all busy with starting school. We’ll get in touch if we want you on the team.”

I walked back to the locker room. I noticed a cluster of students near the bleachers. They had watched the tryout like sport scouts, talking out of the sides of their mouths and occasionally typing something into their phones.

The cluster broke apart. One of them walked over to me. He was small and wiry, and he wore basketball shorts.

“I’m Evan,” he said. “You looked good out there.”


Evan followed me as I walked to the locker room.

“Do you think you’ll make the team?” he asked.

“Maybe,” I said.

I wasn’t going to make the team. Nothing separated me from the other players at the tryout.

“I want you to join my group if you don’t make the team,” he said.

“Are you recruiting for an intermural team?” I asked.

“No,” Evan said. “Listen, I know you have a void in your life. You played ball in high school, right? This can fill it. Give it a chance.”

Evan handed me a notecard. He turned and walked away. I watched him go.
The paper said:

The Pathfinders — parkour, free running
[phone number redacted]

I called the number.

Runner – Part II

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    Go check out my friend (and old college roommate) Jonathan Bundy’s serial novella, “Runner”!


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