Community: Living with 15 Guys

I live in a small unit with 15 other college guys. We get on each others nerves.

Last semester, I sent an e-mail to the guys about peeing on the toilet seat. And somebody urinated on it today. Stuff like that bothers me.

I annoy my dorm mates. I can be loud, I can be weird. We have quiet hours after 11 PM, but sometimes I forget and yell random words like: “Hamster!”

As Americans, we are super individualistic (unlike most of the world), and I sometimes wonder how much that hurts us in the area of community. We like being independent and self-sufficient. But I’ve learned humans NEED each other.

The young men in my unit come from many different backgrounds and places, some of us are from Ohio, others from Indiana, Kentucky, and Washington. I wouldn’t normally hang out with all the guys in my unit — but that’s good.

We are like 16 monks living together (except my roommate is engaged so the celibacy thing won’t last too long). Instead of like European monks that cut themselves off from society, I think we are more like members of the New Monasticism movement. I don’t consider myself part of the movement, but I agree with a lot of its ideas.

Community is sharing your burdens and helping others with their problems. That’s messy and awkward, and our society hasn’t trained us to do that. But I think we must.

What do you think about community? Leave a comment down below.

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  1. i agree – community is messy, awkward and extremely challenging, yet completely necessary.

  2. David Wilson

     /  March 29, 2012


  3. David Wilson

     /  March 29, 2012

    But seriously, I agree that we have to get to a place where we can do the “messy and awkward” things because they are necessary for the good of others. I could do a lot better at that.

    • Thanks for the comment, Dave. I definitely need to work on that too, and writing this post was a part of that.


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