TWIRP and Male-Female Dynamics

On last Friday, Cedarville’s 2014 Class announced a week long event called TWIRP. The acronym TWIRP stands for “The Woman Is Responsible to Pay” (similar to a Sadie Hawkins dance). TWIRP starts this week Feb. 6-10. See the promo video here.

The 2014 Class suggested in an e-mail: “Take your date out to dinner somewhere. Go as a group or alone!”

I don’t know how much girls will TWIRP, but it raises some interesting questions and issues. Female-male dynamics. What is healthy for a male-female relationship?

Some people might say TWIRP behavior will foster Grown Boys syndrome. The stereotype is that Cedarville guys have no metaphorical balls, and I’ve talked to many Cedarville girls who are frustrated her interest won’t make a move. (Interesting tidbit: roughly 55 percent of Cedarville students are female and 45 percent are male.)

Will this kind of behavior encourage males to be polite and cowardly? Maybe. Can traditional Western dating etiquette (example: the guy always pays) encourage females to mooch off of their dates? … Maybe.

Good relationships require balance. Sometimes guys need to lay down their pride and let their female friends buy them something. Sometimes it means a guy needs to take action and ask that cute girl if she wants to talk over coffee.

I think TWIRP is a good idea. This is a chance for young women to show affection for a guy she cared about — either romantically or otherwise.

What do you think about TWIRP? Will you be TWIRPing this week?

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  1. What do you think?

  2. Brittany

     /  February 19, 2012

    I twirped


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