Crazy (Part III)

This is Part II of a short story. Click here for Part I.


The sun was almost directly overhead when they saw another farmhouse. As they drove closer, Darren saw a figure in the middle of the road. He pointed.

“Hey, look.”

Together, the group stared at the figure.

“It could be another crazy,” Bobby said.

Darren nodded. “Yeah.”

He stopped the truck about thirty yards from the figure. By now, they could see it was a man.

Darren twisted in his seat. “Hey Angel, could you grab the shotgun and some ammo?”

He stepped out of the truck, and Angel handed him the shotgun. Darren broke the gun and slid two shells inside. He started walking toward the man.

“Mister!” he called. “Hey, mister!”

The man turned slowly. Sunlight sparked across a metal object held at his side. A machete.

“Hey!” Darren called.

The man started to shamble forward. Darren tightened his hands on his shotgun. The man shifted into an awkward run. His mouth was open.

Darren lifted the shotgun and pointed it at the man. He was ten feet away now.

The man started screaming, one long note rushing from his mouth. The machete raised. Mouth open, screaming.
Darren heard his sister scream behind him, and he fired. The machete man flipped backward, his shirt shredded by buckshot. He hit the ground and lay still.

Darren stared down at the man he had just killed. The man wore a golden ring on his right hand, the same hand he had used to grip the machete.

Angel got out of the car, walked over to the man, and knelt beside him. She gently placed her fingers on the man’s neck.

She shook her head then stood up. “He’s dead.”

“You killed that guy in self-defense, man,” Bobby said. He was staring at the body.

“Get back in the truck,” Darren said.

“But are we going to just leaving him lying there?” Angel asked.


The group got back into the truck and left the man lying in the road.

Soon, they reached another town. This one didn’t have a police barricade. Darren drove down the main road. The town looked deserted like the last one.

“This is freaking me out,” Bobby muttered.

Up ahead, three crashed vehicles formed a makeshift barrier. Darren stopped his truck and got out. Angel handed him the shotgun.

He walked over to the cars. There weren’t any bodies in the cars, but Darren noticed blood on a shattered car window. He glanced into the car and saw the keys were still in the ignition.

Bobby yelled, “Look out!”

Darren spun around.

A man was running at him from the buildings on the left. He caught a glimpse of a butcher knife in the man’s hand. Darren swung the shotgun up and fired. The man fell, screaming with pain and rage.

“Get back here!” Angel screamed.

Darren saw townspeople converging on him and the truck. He shot another man and broke open his shotgun to reload.

Someone crashed into him and knocked him to the asphalt. He felt fingernails slicing his neck and face.

“Darren!!!” Angel screamed.

She grabbed the handgun and jumped out of the truck. She fired two rounds at a man wielding a baseball bat, and he collapsed.

Bobby swore and jumped out of the truck too.

He ran towards Darren and pulled the crazy man from him. Bobby put the man in a headlock.

Darren scrambled to his feet and started reloading his shotgun.

“A little help?!” Bobby yelled.

The man suddenly broke Bobby’s headlock and tossed him to the ground. The crazy swung his head around and roared at Darren, his eyes bloodshot and gums bleeding. Darren snapped the shotgun closed and shot the crazy in the chest.

“Get back to the truck!” Darren yelled.

Bobby scooped up the first man’s knife and followed him. Darren shot another crazy as they ran to the car. The two men jumped into the truck.

“Go, go, go!” Bobby yelled.

Darren shifted into reverse and stomped on the gas. He pulled back then switched to drive and sped down the town’s main street. They watched for more townspeople but didn’t see any.

Finally, Bobby asked, “Those people back there. Were they, you know … zombies?”

Darren sighed. “I don’t know. But they weren’t dead, and now they are dead. I just know there was something wrong with them.”

“Are you all right, sis?” Darren asked Angel.

His sister nodded. “I’m okay, Dare.”

“Don’t worry,” he said. “I’ll get you to a hospital.”

Slowly, the three travelers relaxed. Angel stretched out on the backseat and closed her eyes. They continued driving down the road inside a small capsule of tranquility in a world seemingly gone mad.

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  1. you saying that it’s about zombies on facebook kinda took away the suspense because as i read the story i knew it was coming. 🙂

    • yeah, i guess i did give it away. i guess i just wanted people to know what type of story they were going to read


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