Never Forget

Never forget your past. We are what has been done to us, and the momentum of our past influences the present. My soul is shaped by the people around me—I am the gentle touch of my mother, and I am the encouraging words of my father. I am the product of every word spoken to me, every touch, every interaction. This is who I am.

Yes, we have the freedom of choices. But our decisions are influences by our past. I choose to love because I was loved first. This raises the question: Is anyone responsible for their actions? In short, yes. A comprehensive understanding of Scripture reveals that we are responsible for our actions—we will be judged for our sins. And we know this is just because God is just. This might sound like circular reasoning—it’s not really.

If you are passive, the sheer weight of the past will propel you in a particular direction. You need to be aware of our past—your scars and your strengths. Sometimes the past will guide you to a good life. But it also might pull you to a dark future. So be pro-active—grab life and hang on until it will bless you.

Never forget who you are.

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  1. Chris

     /  August 18, 2010

    I agree. The past is something never to be forgotten, both the good parts and bad. Just because you might want to forget certain parts doesn’t rob them of their existence and effects.


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