6:25 AM

Today, my alarm started shrieking at 6:25. I stumbled over to the alarm clock, disoriented. Normally I am lucid when I wake up. But not today.

I mumbled an apology to my roommate as I struggled with the confounded machine. It was too dark to see the ON/OFF switch so I was forced to rely on my muscle memory of switching off the alarm each morning for two months.

After I had silenced the shrieking, I realized why I had set the alarm. Today was the first day of my Weight Training class. I showered, dressed, checked my e-mail, and then left for class. It was still dark as I walked from Lawlor to Callan. The sun slumbered under the horizon. And the only illumination came from sentinel-like lampposts and yellow-hued lights from buildings. The morning was cold so I thrust my hands into my pockets.

I saw one person as I strolled to the Callan Athletic Center. The buildings around me felt like massive sleeping animals. In a few hours, students would be marching to chapel, a steady stream of humanity summoned from slumber. But it was silent and empty at 6:50 in the morning.

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  1. jonathan

     /  October 21, 2009

    What do you think about it, my friends?

  2. Kelly

     /  October 21, 2009

    I love it!!
    seriously how can you make an event so normal and seemingly unexciting interesting to read? I can so see this in my mind:]
    I think I’ve mentioned this before (if I haven’t oops) but I really enjoy you’re writing style because it is fluid and creative while still staying within the realm of normal understanding.
    Bravo my friend, bravo!

    • jonathan

       /  October 21, 2009

      I’m happy you thought it was interesting. Writing is a craft and I’ll continue honing it as long as I live but it’s nice to know you think I’m on the right track. Thank you.

  3. Martha

     /  October 21, 2009

    Good job of showing me and not telling me! πŸ™‚

  4. Greg

     /  October 21, 2009

    Incredible! What can I say…you are gifted! I am blessed to have shared this experience with you. Thanks…

  5. w00t. very nice Jonathan, very nice.

  6. Daniel G.

     /  October 22, 2009

    I like it… it’s a nice little example of good descriptive writing. I can really picture mentally what you were trying to convey.


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